ML Doctors Help Athletes Chase Their Dreams at Olympic Trials

Behind every elite athlete with Olympic dreams is an army of health professionals that help prime their bodies for optimal performance. It is a high achievement to care for these elite competitors, and eight of our world-class Maximized Living doctors were trusted with this privilege for USA Wrestling at the 2016 Olympic Trials in Iowa earlier this month:

Dr. Kristen Kells of Freedom Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, CO; Dr. Kevin Shultz of Hallie Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls, WI; Dr. Matt Dietz of Discover Health Chiropractic in Cedar Rapids, IA; Dr. Kevin Miller of E.P. True Chiropractic in West Des Moines, IA; Dr. Fred Roberto of West Cobb Chiropractic in Powder Springs, GA; Dr. Chris Niedzinski from InnerLink Chiropractic in Wixom, MI; Dr. Brandon Shriner of Revive Chiropractic in Lewis Center, OH, and Dr. Jay Villella of Lane Avenue Chiropractic in Columbus, OH.

Over 200 men and women competed for their dream at this event, and several athletes who receive advanced care by Maximized Living doctors were able to place in an event and qualify for the Olympics.


“They have sacrificed their entire lives for this moment.   To be present at the trials and serve these world-class athletes is truly an honor. Any athlete that partakes in the trials should be extremely proud of their accolades, but for some it is Olympics or broke. This is such an emotional sport for the athlete and coaches. The Olympic Trials weekend accentuates the emotions 100 times.  We all learned that on any given day upsets can happen, as many top seeded athletes fell in their bouts.” Dr. Kevin Miller

Along with this honor comes lots of hard work. Dr. Kristen Kells remembers hauling her table around everywhere and adjusting athletes at midnight and before wins. Kells also provides care for three-time World Champion (wrestling) and 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials champion, Adeline Gray. Kells not only accompanied her to the banquet where Gray won the prestigious Athlete of the Year award, but also received the honor of sitting at the head table and watching her athletes win.


For some of athletes, it seems that having our doctors behind them is as much about the mental and spiritual support as it is about the physical care. “Back in the warm-up area is the incredible Kristen Kells and the rest of the Maximized Living team, there to adjust me, pray with me, and get my body feeling good,” said Helen Maroulis, another elite athlete who also qualified for Rio.

These athletes endure tremendous physical trauma to their spin and joints while following strict dietary protocols in order to make weight. Through specific spinal correction and nutritional counseling, Maximized Living doctors play a major role in optimizing performance for the U.S. wrestlers. Additionally, our doctors proactively prepare athletes’ bodies for competition instead of just reacting to injury. Spinal correction creates proper biomechanics, ups flexibility and range of motion, and maximizes nerve supply to muscles and the cardiovascular system. This lessens the likelihood of injury, boosts performance, speeds up recovery, and maximizes healing.


Each qualifying doctor is part of our elite Maximized Living Sports Performance Council (SPC). The goal of the SPC is to improve health, wellbeing and athletic performance for athletes worldwide who participate in every level of competition. Our doctors are certified in The 5 Essentials of Maximized Living, making them well trained to provide care for elite athletes and competitors of all kinds.


“Whether it is in the everyday life of the families we care for in our clinic or the world’s best athletes, the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living allows for a peak performance and your greatest chance to win gold – whether it is at the Olympics or at school, work, or home,” commented Dr. Ben Lerner, co-founder of Maximized Living.

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