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About Align Chiropractic

Align Chiropractic provides a full spectrum of chiropractic care and complementary care to help identify interference in a patient’s ability to function at 100%. Our patients visit the Health Center for various reasons ranging from back pain, neck pain and headaches to issues such as chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal problems and autoimmune responses. As chiropractors, Align Chiropractic doctors determine the underlying cause of health challenges and then help patients remove any interference in their body’s ability to function at 100%.

Proper care of a person’s nervous system is critical at all ages and at Align we help patients ranging in age from newborn babies to adults well into their 80’s and 90’s experience life to the fullest, pain free and functioning at a higher level.

Our Services

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care works best when we focus on finding the root cause of your symptoms. Your body has an innate ability to heal, and our primary goal is to determine what is interfering with that. When we look at these interferences from neurological and spinal corrective perspectives, we are able to put your body in positions that could decrease stress on the spinal cord and nervous system.

Functional Medicine

Our functional medicine practice is dedicated to customizing care plans to your specific needs.

Our consultations begin with a thorough interview and assessment, followed by detailed bloodwork and testing. Testing allows us to find imbalances in addition to present diseases and gut health issues. Our goal in these primary stages is to find the missing piece behind the symptoms, and determine the underlying condition that is manifesting as any of a number of health conditions.


Our office can help you determine your specific nutrition needs by engaging in a consultative interview, reviewing your ailments, and using in-office testing. We do digestive health, gut balance, and micronutrient testing that allows us to review the nutrient levels in your blood to determine deficiencies. Deficiencies can arise even if you feel that you have a good diet, so reviewing your bloodwork is an important piece of the process.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

In our office, adjustments are very important because the increased stress on the body along with the increased weight of the baby will make any weaknesses in the spine more pronounced. We want to decrease the pressure on the nerves that is preventing the body from communicating effectively with the brain. Relieving nerve pressure will allow your spine to function properly. We take special care and use specific techniques when working with pregnant moms to accommodate the growing baby.

Sports Chiropractic

We treat runners, weekend warriors, high-level professional athletes, CrossFit competitors, Olympic athletes, and kids and teenagers who compete in club or varsity sports. Our extensive experience treating athletes of all sports and levels has allowed us to fine-tune our methods and treat aches, pains, and general performance impediments on a deeper, cause-based level, rather than applying symptomatic quick fixes that do nothing to prevent further issues.

Our chiropractors have all played sports for their whole lives, and continue to stay active with things like golf and CrossFit. It’s very easy for our practitioners to put themselves in the shoes of our athletic patients, so your expectations of compassionate, empathetic care will be met and exceeded.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Imagine the benefits of embracing a proactive healthy lifestyle from birth. With Align Chiropractic, the luxury of lifelong health and wellness is possible for your kids.

We start our babies with very delicate, gentle chiropractic adjustments. This involves light pressure on the spine on areas that are rotated or swollen. After birth, we check babies for scoliosis, rotations, spinal misalignments, colic, and sleeping or digestive issues, all of which can be addressed with pediatric adjustments. We check for rotations in the sacrum, C1, C2, and generally along the whole spine. Addressing these rotations can help us avoid issues with sleeping, digestion, and breathing, and set your child up to healthily develop through all stages of crawling, walking, and posture in the future.


Meet The Team

Align Chiropractic is built with just one thing in mind — your family’s health and happiness. We deliver personalized care, expertly done.

Our team of doctors and chiropractic assistants create an incredible healing experience for the toughest of cases, all the way through to well baby checks and family wellness care!

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Ryan Berlin, Doctor of Chiropractic

Ryan Berlin is passionate about the chiropractic field and has pursued advanced training in spinal correction, nutrition, toxicity, and exercise techniques from some of the largest health clinics in America. He’s cared for people of all ages and all walks of life including professional athletes, medical professionals, infants, and people with chronic health challenges. Holistic living is a way of life for Dr. Ryan, and he’s dedicated to helping people become their healthiest selves.

You can hear Dr. Ryan Sunday’s at 7:30 AM on 55KRC, his podcast Align Your Health or nationally as the host of the Max Living podcast.


“It is my first visit, however all my expectations were exceeded, so friendly staff and so professional , I am looking forward to feeling better in coming days .”
– Mohammed Alonazi

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